Sample Messages

  • Hello all.  I have 2 tickets to the 1:00pm Giants game tomorrow vs Tampa Bucs. Section 319, row 21, seats 11 & 12 plus parking pass. $215.00 (face value plus parking pass).  Please let me know if you are interested.  Thanks!
  • This year's Taste of Leonia event is scheduled for Sunday, October 28 from 1-3 PM. In celebration of our fifth annual tasting, we are planning to add to the festivities at the Garden itself, with entertainment and a silent auction, so there may be activities until 5 PM.  We hope everyone will turn out to participate in the fun, taste the goodies from our local restaurants, wine from our local liquor stores, and support Sculpture for Leonia in its annual fundraiser. More to follow as we get closer!  Thanks.
  • Last night I tested the tool that allows us to view Leonia M&C meetings live from our laptops/home computers. It worked flawlessly and the site provides access to the agenda and supporting documents (e.g., resolutions, ordinances). In addition, the site allows you to view past meetings and all their supporting documents, with the ability to fast forward to or repeat those segments of most interest. Here is the link to this site:  This is a great tool to help us all better stay abreast of and understand what the M&C is addressing. It also provides the opportunity to hear what members of the public want to share with the M&C. I like this tool because it allows you to view the proceedings and review key information first-hand, without a third-party interpretation. It is the next best thing to attending the meetings in person.
  • Two local experts are designing a wonderful garden for me. (They are real artists; this is going to be not only beautiful, but ecologically responsible, largely edible; I really recommend them. I am learning a lot and enjoying the whole process.) But before we go further, I want to be sure it won't all have to be ripped up some day to remove an old oil tank. Does anyone know how I can tell if my house ever had one, and if so, where it might be, if it is still here?