Password Advice

LeoniaTalks Listserv members,

From the LT moderators. We’re offering a few thoughts on the consequences of the recent Yahoo announcements of email hacking in 2014. A couple of areas: content and passwords.

On content, it continues to be the case that none of us should put important information, particularly financial stuff—social security numbers, bank account numbers, and the like—in emails. As they move from your computer to your recipient’s computer, they pass through at least two and possibly more servers. Those servers have the capability of retaining your email and thus leaving it available for future hacking. That’s not new with this information; just the not surprising news that Yahoo emails had now been hacked.

The more important information is that the hackers now have your yahoo email password. If you only used that password for your yahoo emails, then the loss is limited. If, however, you use that password or variants for other internet sites you visit, then the password is now available for hackers to be checked against other logons. And, of course, that’s particularly an issue if you use it for your financial websites.

Here are some links that might help you.

The first is a short NYTimes informational bit about Yahoo emails.

The second are three links which will give you some suggestions about creating better passwords.

October 9, 2016