Rules of the Road

Dear Friend,

We are pleased to have you as a member of the LeoniaTalks Listserv.

Anyone over 16 who lives, studies or works in Leonia is eligible to become a member.  We ask that each member include your full name in all posts. Doing so helps us keep the problems introduced by anonymous posters to a minimum.

Our purpose is to talk about Leonia in a way that is informative and considerate of one another.  Enjoy the forum and do not hesitate to post. As you participate in the listserv, please observe the following Rules of the Road:

1. Legal considerations.  The moderators and the membership of the LeoniaTalks are not responsible for the content of messages posted on this message board or for anything arising out of the use of the board or other interaction among users.  While we may delete posts and block or take other action against users who we determine at our discretion have violated our rules, we cannot always do so.

2. Format. Anonymous posts are not permitted. Be sure to include your full name on each post. (Members who fail to provide this information will be reminded privately to do so.) Do not include the text of the posts to which you are responding. If you feel a part of the previous post is required for context, cut and paste a portion into the new post.

3. Content. In addition to addressing pertinent issues, you are free to make community announcements, post a garage sale, recommend tradesmen and ask for recommendations, offer how-to suggestions, in short, almost anything that would make life easier for Leonians. Postings promoting Leonia-based businesses or small business enterprises run by Leonians, while permissible, must be restricted to one per month.

4. Surrogate Posting. You can post on behalf of a nonmember, particularly in regard to an event or service, but please do not post surrogate messages that pertain to a dispute between the person you are posting for and another member.  Check the content of any message you are asked to post to be certain it is respectful of other members.  Make sure the message contains the email address of the non-members and, as usual, your full name.   

5. Amount. Members may post a maximum of three posts a day.    

6. Civility. We ask that all members stress civility in their posts. Strive to be respectful of other members.  Keep these do's and don'ts in mind.

  • Use profanity and abusive language.
  • Belittle, insult or denigrate another poster.
  • Post a private email from someone (even a public official) without first obtaining permission.
  • Call another poster a liar directly or by implication.
  • Impugn another poster's motives or suggest ulterior motives.
  • Spread rumor and innuendo.
  • Become argumentative or inflame the conversation.
  • Threaten legal action, boycott, or physical harm.
  • Forward chain e-mails.
  • Post more than three times a day.

  • Give yourself time to reflect before responding in a heated exchange.
  • Consider asking a friend to review a message before you send it.
  • Be sure to keep your post at a level of civility that would make it an acceptable letter to the editor in a respectable newspaper (for helpful guidelines see
  • Remember that you have the alternative of responding to a particular person privately, rather than posting to the entire list. Remember, too, that it is inappropriate to share a private email with the list without the permission of the sender. This applies to messages from the moderators as well.

Response to inappropriate or uncivil posts - A number of successive steps, increasing in severity, may be put into place. These steps are:
  1. For first time offenses, a warning and possible moderation, which means messages will be read by the moderators before they are posted. Moderators may go directly to step two in cases of egregious violations.
  2. Not being permitted to post for five days, each successive violation leading to a doubling of days on "time out".
  3. Being suspended from the listerv in cases of severe and/or repetitive violations.  

The appeals process is as follows:
Appeals are handled by an email, a phone conversation or a personal meeting between the complainant and three (or more) members of the Board moderators depending on the amount/severity of offenses committed. A member who has had his/her LeoniaTalks privileges indefinitely suspended would need to meet with three (or more) Board members to discuss the violations. The complainant needs to convince the entire Board that he/she will abide by the Rules of the Road as interpreted by the Board by agreeing to and signing the readmittance form. (* see below)
It is inappropriate to post a message on behalf of somebody who is on moderation, time-out, or who has been  suspended. Such actions may result in the messenger being placed on time out.   
*Readmittance Form

To the Moderators of Leonia Talks:

I recognize that I have violated the LeoniaTalks Rules of the Road as interpreted by the LeoniaTalks moderation team.

I seek to rejoin LeoniaTalks and as such,  I commit to observing these Rules of the Road and the interpretation of such as deemed by the moderators. I understand that should I violate these rules I will be placed on moderation as per the Rules of the Road.
The Rules of the Road were created to ensure smooth operation of the listserv and to encourage members to post. We have a broad base of wonderful people who will be delighted to hear from you. Once again, we are glad you are here. For further information, contact: or see our Frequently Asked Questions.

"Remember, be civil, be respectful, that’s the neighborly way. "

Thank you,

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