Frequently Asked Questions

What is Leonia Talks?
Leonia Talks is a community listserv (mailing list) that allows members to communicate with one another on subjects ranging from local issues, to inquiries about where to find goods and services, to notices of events and anything else that concerns the fabric and well-being of the town. We want to encourage widespread participation by Leonia residents. It is also our purpose and, indeed, our duty to make certain that listserv discussions are carried on in a civil manner with respect for all participants.

What is a “listserv”?

A listserv, or list server, is a program that automatically sends messages to multiple email addresses on a mailing list. When someone subscribes to a mailing list, the listserv will automatically add the address and distribute future email messages to that address along with all the others on the list.

How long has this listserv been around?
This listserv was created in 2000 for the community of Leonia, New Jersey. The original list was named "Leonia Taxpayers Association". The Leonia Talks list is not connected with the current Leonia Taxpayers Association.

How many people are members?
As of  November 18, 2017, there are 1,310 members.  

Who can join?
Anyone over 16 who lives, studies or works in Leonia is eligible to become a member.

How can I join the group?
  • Go to the Yahoo page for Leonia Talks and click on Join Group.
  • Your complete name and home address is needed to sign up.
  • We recommend you create a Yahoo email address so you can log in and search the Yahoo website for archived messages and read the uploaded files.
  • You can choose receive emails as soon as they are posted or as a once a day daily digest. Alternatively, you can read them on the Yahoo website.

How much does it cost to join the list?
Membership is free.

How do I post a message?
Once you are an approved member, send an email to Use the email address that you used to join the list.

Why do I have to include my full name?
Anonymous posts are not permitted. We ask that each member include their full name in all posts. Doing so helps us reduce the problems introduced by anonymous posters. (Members who fail to provide this information will be reminded privately to do so.)

Do I need a subject line?
Yes. Confirm that the subject line clearly and concisely states the actual topic you are addressing. This allows for members to respond more appropriately to your posting and makes it easier for members to search the archives by subject. This is particularly important when replying to a listserv posting or when changing the subject. If you are replying to a previously posted message, BUT change the topic, please update the subject line by clicking on it and writing an appropriate line about the topic of your new posting.

Can images be attached to messages?
Yes, images can be attached and are actually archived on the Leonia Talks Yahoo home page.

Why is there a three post per day limit?
  • The listserv is not a chat room, not a place where we "hang out" online and talk with one another. Rather it is a space for notifications, sharing of information, discussion of town issues, and so on. "Chatting" makes that function much more difficult. When some posters monopolize the listserv, others may stop posting or withdraw altogether.
  • We exempt emergency posts from the Leonia Police Department, Leonia Borough and the Board of Education.
  • If you want to continue an ongoing dialog, reply to the individual member using their personal email address located at the bottom of the email.
Can I post about my business?
Postings promoting Leonia-based business or small businesses run by Leonians are encouraged, but must be restricted to one per month.
A poster who has a business may include a link for the business in the signature line.

Are there any limitations about the content of posts?
Do not post any defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, or illegal information or material, and do not utilize Leonia Talks in any illegal manner. Please observe the three posts per day limit.

When can I post for someone else?
You can post on behalf of a non-member, e.g., to announce an event or ask for recommendations, but please do not post messages that relate to a discussion between the person you are posting for and another member. Check the content of any message you are asked to post to be certain it is respectful of other members. Make sure the message contains the email address of the non-member and when appropriate the address and phone number. Always include your full name.
You cannot post a message on behalf of somebody who is on moderation, time-out, or who has been suspended from the ListServ. Such action may result in the messenger being placed on time out.

Can I post employment and or internship opportunities?

How do I respond to a post?
To reply to the entire listserv
  • just hit REPLY and your message will be sent to the entire group at
  • Do not include the whole text of the posts to which you are responding. If you feel a part of the previous post is required for context, cut and paste a portion into the new post.
To reply privately to the individual poster
  • find the “Posted by” information at the end of the message. You can click on the poster’s email address to send a direct reply to that one person.
  • Personal replies should be directed to specific individuals rather than to the entire list. Reply to the individual member using their personal email address located at the bottom of the email, rather than simply hitting the “Reply” button which sends the response to the entire list. Below are some examples of replies sent to an entire list in the past that should instead be a private email:
  • 'Thanks.
  • Hope you are well. All the best.' 
  • 'Yes.' or 'No.’ 
  • 'I would like more information. Could you e-mail me directly?'
  • 'Thanks, this will be very helpful. Sorry for the delay in replying.'
Can I receive a Daily Digest of emails instead of receiving each message as it is sent?
  • Yes. If the amount of mail becomes cumbersome, consider receiving the digest form. Instead of getting each email individually, you will receive a summary email at the end of each day.
  • To set up 'digest' mode, from the e-mail address used to subscribe to the listserv list, send an e-mail to an e-mail to Arnold Trachtenberg (
  • If you choose this option, you will miss time sensitive announcements, including those from the Leonia Police Department, Board of Education and the Borough.
  • As an alternate solution, you can read the messages on the Yahoo web site.
Who owns and moderates the listserv?
The LeoniaTalks Listserv Board. Current members are:
Maria Andreu (
Anthony Cassano (
Melinda Dean (
Hilary Kelbick (
John Kender (
John Kendrick (
Henning Schulzrinne (
Mark Spiegel (
Arnold Trachtenberg (
Mary Ellen Tucker (
What do the moderators do?
The moderators’ responsibilities are to approve or reject messages and to uphold the Rules of the Road as agreed upon when joining Leonia Talks. Moderators also strive to ensure the best possible experience for all listserv participants by enforcing the Rules of the Road so that Leonia Talks remains a civil and inclusive platform for people to share their posts.

Do the moderators see posts before they are sent to the members?
The moderators do not generally see postings before other members of Leonia Talks do. This facilitates the exchange of ideas: members can post without delay, and other members can immediately see the postings. There are only a few exceptions. New members are placed on a moderation status in which their postings are pre-screened for a short time to show that they are following the Rules of the Road. There are also some members whom the moderators have decided (by vote) to pre-screen as a precaution based on past behavior. Some people are further put on a time-out (by vote), during which their messages are simply deleted.

What is the process of moderation in response to inappropriate or uncivil posts?
  1. For first-time offenses of the Rules of the Road, a warning and possible moderation, which means messages will be read by the moderators before they are posted. (This may result in a short delay between the time the message is sent and its posting). Moderators may go directly to step two in cases of egregious violations.
  2. For a second offense, or a particularly egregious first-time offense, the action taken is usually a restriction on posting for five days, each successive violation leading to a doubling of days on restricted posting status.
  3. For posts containing language that is abusive or threatening, as so deemed by the moderators, or for continuous violation of the rules the result may be a member being banned from the Listserv.   
Is there an appeals process?
  • Appeals are handled by an email, a phone conversation or a personal meeting between the complainant and three (or more) members of the Board depending on the amount/severity of offenses committed.
  • Final decisions are made by majority vote of the Board.
  • See Rules of the Road for additional information

How can I write directly to the Moderators?
Write to

Are there people who read Leonia Talks who don’t live, study or work in Leonia?
Yes, several local media representatives are allowed to read posts. In addition, a few elected County politicians have been granted “read” access.

How long are the posts kept and can I search for an old post?
Messages are stored indefinitely on the Yahoo site You will need to join Leonia Talks with a Yahoo email address in order to login and search for past messages.   More info

If I move away, can I still be a part of Leonia Talks?
If you are moving out of town and want to continue participating on Leonia Talks, contact the moderators for consideration.  All the Rules of the Road are applicable. When posting to the list, please include your full name, current city and state.

How do I unsubscribe?
To unsubscribe from Leonia Talks, click on the Unsubscribe link which appears at the bottom of every message from Leonia Talks. Do not send administrative messages, such as "remove me from the list", through the listserv.

Updated 11/21/17