Search old posts

Need a handyman or dentist?   Many Leonians have posted recommendations on Leonia Talks over the last 16 years.  You can search the 60,000 messages on the Yahoo site to find a service provider to match your problem.

You will need to join Leonia Talks with a Yahoo email address in order to login and search for past messages.

#1  I don't have a Yahoo account.  
Sign up here.

#2  I need to join LeoniaTalks with my Yahoo account.
Start here
Click on the purple "+ Join group"  button, which is right below the big picture of a Leonia street. 
A moderator will review your request.

#3  I have joined Leonia Talks with my Yahoo account.  How do I search the messages?

Go to Leonia Talks Group
Sign in (near top of screen, on the right).
Near the top of the screen on the left, you will see a search box with "Search Conversations" in light print. Type your keyword here and hit enter. Do not click on SEARCH GROUPS.
You will see a list of posts that contain your keyword.  In addition, you will be able to view photos and files on the Yahoo site.

  • Note:  If you were already a member of Leonia Talks with a non-Yahoo email account, you will continue to receive Leonia Talks messages at that address too.    You can UNSUBSCRIBE from Leonia Talks by clicking on the link that appears at the bottom of the message sent to the old email address.

  • Need more help?  Send an email to describing the problem.